Coaching Program

Haybaler Athletics currently offers 27 varsity level sports over the course of the Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons. Approximately 1,100 stu­dent-athletes participate annually.

The support our programs receive from the District, Administration, Staff, Faculty, Parents and Commu­nity allows us to operate first class athletic pro­grams. From the 58 coaching stipends available to the Baler Backers Athletic Organization, our general Athletic Booster Club, to the generations of Baler Fans-our support is tremendous.

Pursuing Victory with Honor

Our student-athletes, coaches and parents are held to very high standards at Hollister High School. In our pursuit of Athletic Excellence, we strive to adhere to the Baler Code at all times.

water polo

Baler Pride
Our rich tradition is evident not only in our conduct on and off the playing field, but in our championship legacy.

Central Coast Section Champions

1984 Football
1985 Football
1986 Football
1990 Boy's Golf
1992 Wrestling
1994 Wrestling
1998 Wrestling

2000 Football
2002 Wrestling
2003 Boy's Cross Country
2005 Football
2006 Softball
2006 Girl's Volleyball
2007 Softball
2008 Girl's Basketball

2009 Softball
2009 Girl's Basketball
2010 Softball
2011 Softball
2012 Softball
2012 Football
2013 Softball
2014 Football

2015 Softball
2016 Softball


Boys Cross Country
Girl's Cross Country
Girl's Flag Football
Girl's Golf
Girl's Tennis
Girl's Volleyball
Boy's Water Polo
Girl's Water Polo
Girl's Field Hockey


Boy's Basketball
Girl's Basketball
Boy's Wrestling
Girl's Wrestling
Boy's Soccer
Girl's Soccer


Boy's Golf
Boy's Swimming
Girl's Swimming
Boy's Tennis
Boy's Track & Field
Girl's Track & Field
Boy's Volleyball
Boy's Lacrosse
Girl's Lacrosse