SBHSD New Teacher Support

San Benito High School District provides new teachers to the district with training that will help connect pre-service experiences to the culture that makes San Benito High School a great place to work.

New teachers receive training through our New Teacher Academy and our New Teacher Support Program lead by the Program Advisor. Within the program, new teachers will receive professional development workshops five times a year geared toward the specific needs of our newest teachers. Along with the support from the Induction Coordinator, each teacher will be matched up with either an Induction Coach or a Content Mentor who will provide individualized, non-evaluative support during weekly one-on-one meetings.

The vision of this program is to build the habits of highly effective pedagogy and create a supportive network to retain the highest quality of teachers in our profession.

Ways We Support New Teachers

5 days of paid training
during our New Teacher Academy

Individualized support
from Program Advisor

Content mentors
for all new teachers

Individualized support
during weekly one-on-one meetings with mentor/induction coach

Induction support
for those seeking a clear credential

Five professional development meetings
geared specifically to the needs of our new teachers

Content-specific support
through Professional Learning Communities

New Teacher Academy

Our New Teacher Academy is one of the best parts of being a new teacher on our campus. We provide our newest teachers with a five-day paid professional development that gives an intimate view into the San Benito High School District's policies, procedures, and culture. You will meet many staff members who will be here to support you throughout the year. You will be able to start planning, organizing, and building friendships that will make the first few weeks of school more comfortable and successful.

New Teacher Academy Comments and Survey Results

Our New Teacher Academy is one of the best parts of being a new teacher on our campus. We provide our newest teachers with a five-day paid pro­fessional development that gives an intimate view into the San Benito High School District's policies, procedures, and culture. Last year, 95% of our participants were satisfied to very satisfied with the overall week.

Below are some thoughts written by the participants regarding the prompt

"I benefit­ted most from ... "

"The supportive and Positive Culture of SBHS...

You are encouraged to ask questions and you are given straightfotward answers. "

''Principal Ramirez's presentation about culture and school-wide goals...

Assistant Principal Klauer's presentation about Assessments. JoAnne Kaplansky's ELD presen­tation with applicable classroom strategies. Time to work in my classroom."

''Meeting the people that I have needed to reach out to...

over the past 1-1.5 weeks. It was also very helpful to take the tour of the area."

''Meeting administrators, teachers, and staff...

and getting to know how the school works."

New Teacher Induction

Induction provides the means for a beginning teacher to connect their classroom practice and mentoring to grow as a professional educator. Induction programs provide the support needed to be effective in the classroom and have an impact on student learning. SBHSD partners with the San Benito County Office of Education to provide our teachers with a pathway to obtain a clear credential. This is a fully funded program and is offered to first and second year teachers working toward their clear credential.

Professional Development

Our mission at Hollister High School is to educate all students to their highest potential so they will have the greatest range of personal optional upon graduation. To achieve this, we have identified our academic priorities that will encompass all our professional development trainings. Our academic focus themes are rigor, relevance and inclusion. These themes will be a focus for each department's professional development along with any school wide PD. Our focus for rigor and relevance will emphasis the application of the college readiness stand­ards so that students will have the greatest chance of being successful outside of high school. Inclusion will ensure continuum of services to give all students every opportunity possible to succeed within the school set­ting, including SPED and ELD students.

Our Professional Learning Community (PLC) atmosphere is a dynamic and supportive system. Teachers collabo­rate weekly within the cycle of inquiry to identify essential standards, build quality assessments, and disaggre­gate student performance data to inform instructional practices. PLC teams work collaboratively within each content are as well as in cross-curricular teams to enhance student learning.

"It means a lot that you are putting so much effort into helping us out as first year teachers, beyond the requirements of teaching. It is an honor to be part of a team that is so dedicated to the success of all staff and support of students. Thank you for efforts in spearheading NTA and overseeing our program. I am continually impressed by the collaboration, sacrifice, and dedication of the teachers here at San Benito."


—Ms. Shae Walker, Social Science Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions


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Induction Coordinator
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