Special Education Program

The San Benito High School District Special Education Department serves over 300 students and runs programming for all thirteen areas of qualifying disability.




Emotional Disturbance

Hearing Impairment

Intellectual Disability

Multiple Disabilities

Orthopedic Impairment

Other Health Impairment

Specific Learning Disability

Speech or Language Impairment

Traumatic Brain Injury

Visual Impairment


Separate is not equal.

Who are we to deny a student educational opportunities? Research shows all students will benefit from inclusionary settings.

If you do not include an ingredient in the soup...

bowl of soup

... you deny full potential

Inclusion is a Right for Every Student: And it improves education for all.

Federal law recognizes the benefits of including students with disabilities in general education classes. The law Requires schools to ensure access with as few restrictions as appropriate.


Inclusion Opportunities

Students are considered general education students first with the same access to education as any other student.

Co-taught classes include an Education Specialist to support all students within the classroom along-side a general educator.

Academic Academy classes offer reĀ­teaching opportunities, organizational support, and IEP awareness opportunities.

Circle of Friends gives students social opportunities to he full members of our school community.

Gifted Cheer allows all students to access this enrichment activity along-side other cheer squads at football and basketball games as well as rallies.